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9-Day Roots Program with the best, combining Spain & Portugal. Discover the treasures and emblematic places that have made an impact.


Our neighbour country, Portugal, offers endless possibilities which make it the ideal destination to combine when touring in Spain:

Rich culture, exquisite gastronomy, stunning archaeological remains, Jewish Heritage sites, impressive seaside and beautiful interior villages.

From Travel Nexus we offer group tours in Portugal alone, or even better, combined at the beginning or end of your visit to Spain.

All programs are tailored to your needs and wants to make the best trip ever!

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Day 1: Madrid & Toledo


Arrival in Madrid

Transfer to Toledo. Easily one of the most spectacular cities in Spain, our walk will include Santa María La Blanca & El Transito Synagogues.

Visit El Greco´s house, former residence of Samuel Ha-Levi. We will explore the Santo Tomé Church to admire El Greco´s "The Burial of the Duke of Orgaz".

Overnight at hotel in Toledo


Day 2: Segovia & Avila


Breakfast at hotel

Transfer to Segovia. Visit the Aqueduct and the Jewish Quarter with its former synagogues. Also the emblematic Alcázar Palace and its Gothic Cathedral.

Transfer to Avila. See its monumental gates. Visit the San Vicente Basilica, the Cathedral, San Pedro Church, Don Samuel Synagogue and more parts of the Jewish Quarter.

Overnight at hotel in Avila


Day 3: Hervas & Plasencia


Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to Hervas. Walk through the tiny enclave of Hervas to explore the narrow streets of its Jewish.

Quarter lined with houses made with adobe & chestnut-wood frameworks, and declared a Historic-Artistic site in 1969.

Transfer to Plasencia. The ancestral homes and significant religious buildings of Plasencia´s unique Old Quarter await.

Transfer to Caceres.

Overnight at hotel in Caceres.


Day 4: Cáceres & Trujillo


Breakfast at hotel.

Caceres is one of the most fascinating yet unknown towns in Spain; its monumental Old Town dating from 34 AD and its Jewish Quarter will become one of the highlights of this itinerary.

Transfer to Trujillo. Visit this emblematic little city to get to know the history of the "Conquistadores" like Pizarro.

Transfer to Portugal.

Overnight at hotel in Castelo de Vide.


Day 5: Castelo de Vide & Castelo Branco


Breakfast at hotel.

One of the most beautiful towns in Portugal, in Castelo de Vide we will visit the Museum of the former Synagogue, discovered by chance during some excavations.

Transfer to Castelo Branco. Capital of the Beira Baixa, near the Spanish border and the Tejo river, this town has a medieval well-defined intra-walls zone with a remarkable set of building traces mainly resulting from the XV C.

Transfer to Belmonte.

Overnight at hotel in Belmonte.

A meeting with the Belmonte Jewish community might be arranged.


Day 6: Belmonte


Breakfast at hotel.

Belmonte has now a mystical meaning in international Sephardic history as it was the only place in the Iberian Peninsula where, for centuries, a community-based organizational identity remained without an overall assimilation by Christianity, also recognized by the Grand Rabbinate of Israel.

Transfer to Trancoso.

Trancoso's Jewish legacy still lives in the written documents, local traditions and some buildings and has contributed to build the Isaac Cardoso's Jewish Cultural Center and Bandarra House.

Overnight at hotel in Trancoso.


Day 7: Lamego & Guimaraes


Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to Lamego. Once a strong Jewish presence inhabit the town of Lamego. Nowadays, this pilgrimage site and its 686 granite steps leading up to the top of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Remedies are a must.

Transfer to Guimaraes. For some, this is regarded as the birthplace of Portugal; an intact Old Town awaits, together with the majestic Palace of Braganca.

Transfer to Porto.

Overnight at hotel in Porto.


Day 8: Oporto


Breakfast at hotel.

Oporto is a truly fascinating city: it originally contained several Jewish Quarters; our walking town will highlight its main square, the train station, the central market, the Llelo Bookstore, etc.

We will visit the modern day Porto Synagogue and learn more about this active community. Finally, we will taste Oporto wine and enjoy a Fado show at a local venue in the area of Gaia.

Overnight at hotel in Porto.


Day 9: Departure


Breakfast at hotel.

Departure from for airport.




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