Jewish Heritage

Hidden treasures of Jewish history all over Spain

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Jewish Heritage Tours all around Spain: Girona, Toledo, Granada... must see!

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Travel Nexus is an official Rasgo Agency thanks to its knowledge and expertise in Jewish Heritage tours. Rasgo is the name granted to certain providers by the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters who offer specialized travel services.

The history of Spain is filled with treasures of Jewish culture. We will take you through medieval Jewish quarters and ancient landmarks. Our expertise goes from routes tailor-made for those interested in discovering or going deeper into their roots, to special itineraries built up around the vast history, culture and legacy of Jewish people in Spain: Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Sevilla, etc.

From the cathedral in Toledo to the staggering palaces in Granada where we are an Authorised Agent by the Council of the Alhambra and the Generalife.

Regional cuisines and archeological museums: you will live the history of Spain through the indelible persistence of the past. 


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Discovering the Jewish Roots

Connect with history and you'll connect with your roots

nexus sefarad

Jewish Heritage

Hidden treasures of Jewish history all over Spain


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